The Classic Red – Nail Trend That Always Makes You More Attractive

Did you hear about a trend “Red Nail Theory” ? Why is this theory so popular?

Red nails have always been a classic, a trend that never dies. As far back as the 50s and early 60s, red nails were popular because red was the first color that lipsticks and nail polishes were made with. Well, that’s how the red nail trend starts. The most popular actress and mega star of the 60s. Marilyn Monroe always wore red lipstick and red nail polish. The classic shade of red that Marilyn always wore was RevlonCherries a la Mode“.

Due to its abnormal popularity, every woman wore red color on her nails. Here lies the root of the popularity of the “Red Nail Theory” trend, which continues even today in 2024. In particular, it is known that red nails have always been attractive to the male eye. But why is that so?

Recently, on the most popular social network Tik Tok came out the theory about red nails. Famous tiktoker Robyn Delmonte (a.k.a. @girlbosstown) in her video that went viral, explained the theory of red nails by asking: Why do men always compliment us when we have red nails? – She gave the answer to this question “Women had red nails a lot, especially our moms. I weirdly think guys are attracted to red nails because it reminds them of their moms when they were growing up and taking care of them“.
But that doesn’t necessarily mean it is. This theory may come down to the fact that red nails are attractive and striking in themselves.

What is the meaning of the red color?
Red has many meanings and they are all quite positive. This color primarily signifies love. It also means passion, power, femininity, seduction. The red color itself radiates warmth, at the same time it contains power and tenderness.

When you wear red nails, you feel more confident, you show that you are not ashamed to be noticed by others, you show that you are powerful and you stand behind yourself and your decisions. And it has been scientifically proven that self-confidence means attractiveness. When we are confident, we are both attractive and noticeable, especially to the male eye. Well, that’s why men often compliment us when we wear red nails. What do you think about that?

Red color is always a good option if you don’t know what your next nails will be. That is why it is a classic to this day. That’s why since the time of Marilyn Monroe (the woman who is a sign of attractiveness), these nails have gained enormous popularity.

Apart from the classic red color, there is a huge selection of shades of red manicure that you can wear instead of the classic one.

Here are some ideas:

  1. French Red Manicure
  • Cherry Red Nails
  • Orange – Red Nails

Don’t be scared to be the center of attention. Next time, make your nails red, and give your opinion about the Red Nail Theory.

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