Catch Up With The Latest Trends – Hailey Bieber Glazed Nails

Did you hear about the famous Hailey Bieber “Glazed Donut” Nail trend?

The manicure is known as a “glazed donut” inspired by the nail technique, chrome,” and gives the nails a nice pearly shine. So would you try it?

Starting in 2022, celebrities, as well as influencers, celebrated the so-called chrome manicure. The name is inspired by the metal chrome, which has a shiny gray color, and that’s exactly what the nails look like.

This nail trend started in the early 50s when superstars had a red pearlescent manicure everywhere they went out. They have used nail polish brands like Cutex, Revlon and Max Factor.

But as always, every trend and every fashion keeps turning around, so in 2022, this trend has come to us again, thanks to Hailey Bieber. Hailey Bieber constantly surprises us with her style. Among many trends, she managed to captivate us with this unforgettable trend.

Hailey started this trend with a baby pink shade and white chrome, so this trend got a new name, “The Glazed Donut Nails.”

The French manicure with a chrome shade gives the nails a pearly appearance and is also quite popular.

In addition to the classic white color of the manicure, it can be made with other colors, such as white, purple, and orange. This fall, the most used color is red. Again, thanks to Hailey Bieber.

This trend is suitable for every season, it suits every color. It gives a beautiful pearly shine that shimmers on your nails. For the summer, the most beautiful colors that you can use with chrome are pink, orange or nude shade. As fall slowly comes, so do the darker shades.

Therefore, brown and also gray and even burgundy will come out beautifully if you put chrome on it.

Look at this gorgeous red chrome nails. This is the most remarkable fall and winter upcoming trend of 2024.

For winter, the best cold variant for these beautiful nails is the ink color, light blue, and maybe black. Especially for Christmas, this wonderful trend is here to fill your magical night.

How to make “chrome” nails at home?

No one wants to pay hundreds of dollars at a nail salon, of course that’s the best way, but you can still do these nails yourself at home with just nail polish and chrome powder! If you don’t have chrome, you can add a white glitter shadow or a highlighter from your favorite makeup palette. Yes, you read that right!

How to make this process possible in just 3 steps?

Step 1:
Paint your nails with plain nail polish, color of your choice and let it dry. The best choice you can use for your nails is the OPI Nail polish in color ,, A Clay in the Life

Step 2:
Apply a top coat (OPI Nature Strong Vegan Nail Polish) over the polish and let your nails dry.

Step 3:
After the top coat is dry, apply a highlighter or white glitter shadow with a brush or finger. Then on top of the shadow, slowly and carefully apply your top coat again.
Let your nails dry.

This process is very easy and simple and with very little money and little effort anyone can achieve it. Now you’re all set to shine with confidence and be prepared, even at the last minute, for your favorite occasion.

Let this be your new inspiration for a manicure that will make everyone sigh. When you look beautiful, you attract positive energy and feel beautiful. Let this manicure be your therapy.

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