Five Herbs That Relieve Insomnia

We live in a world filled with responsibilities and work every day. None of us have time for ourselves to fulfill our obligations until the end of the day because of hard working. That’s why we all need a long and quality sleep, but that rarely happens.

An average person should get at least 8 hours of sleep, but none of us have time for that. Because of this, people constantly struggle with anxiety and depression, and even insomnia. When we have less and less time to sleep, our life gets used to it, and so we constantly become depressed and anxious. For these reasons, many people begin to suffer from insomnia.

When we already enter that stage of insomnia, no matter how tired and sleepy we are, we still cannot fall asleep. There are a huge numbers of remedies for insomnia, but none of them can really help.

Remember, always find the cure in NATURE.
That’s why we are here, to help you in a natural way to cure yourself of any disease, even of insomnia. We present to you the herbs that you already have in your environment, and which are the best medicine for insomnia, and even anxiety and depression.



In addition to insomnia, lavender is also useful in case of nervous diseases and indigestion. Its essential oil has a calming effect, and the herb is also used as a tea, in various mixtures – mostly with chamomile, oats, rosemary and fennel – but also for hot baths.

How to prepare lavender tea for insomnia?

– Pour over two teaspoons of lavender flowers with half a cup of boiling water, let it stand for ten minutes and finally strain.
Drink two cups a day, one before bed.


Thanks to the substances – valepotriates, the root of this herb is a traditional remedy for tension, irritability, anxiety and insomnia, and it also acts in case of cardiac arrhythmia,
muscle cramps and headaches. Valerian should be used longer, because the healing effects are manifested gradually.


Thymol and cavracol – essential oils found in the thyme leaf and flower – have a soothing effect on the muscles.

How to prepare this tea?

The tea is prepared by pouring a spoonful of fresh or dried herb with 300 ml of boiled water.


The essential oil whose active ingredients are citronellal, citral, wormwood and tannins effectively relaxes the muscles, strengthens the heart and has an antibacterial effect. It has the best effect when used for aromatic baths.

How to prepare lemon balm tea?

Pour ten tablespoons of dry lemon balm leaves with one liter of boiling water, leave for ten minutes, then strain. You can drink this tea, but you can also add it to your bath water. If you bathe with this tea, it can also help you with genital infections if you have them.


Hops as a natural sedative is often used in tea mixtures for insomnia, but also in case of nervous tension, feeling of anxiety and worry.

How to prepare the tea?

– Mix 50g of hops with valerian, then pour three tablespoons of that mixture with 400ml of boiling water. Let it stand for two hours, strain and drink at night before going to bed. Always prepare fresh tea.

Look around you. Do not spend money on expensive drugs that are only harmful to you and do not really help you. You will help yourself the most in a natural way if you just do a little more research. And we are here to help you.

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