Hailey Bieber Makeup Look

If you’ve lately looked through TikTok, you’ve probably seen someone getting a clean girl makeup routine. It’s become a big trend recently due to the rise of the clean girl aesthetic, and for good reason: It’s an enhanced take on no-makeup makeup that makes you look natural. This makeup trend is called “Strawberry Glazed Makeup“.

Glowy skin, glossy lips, fluffy brows, and minimal eye makeup are hallmarks of clean female makeup. The days of heavy contouring and baking (2017 style) are long gone. Instead, the minimalist style is popular.

What’s the best part?

It’s a really easy style that can be accomplished with only a few things, regardless of who you are.

Step 1: Begin with moisturizing.

Start by preparing your skin if you want your makeup to seem natural. This includes washing your face and applying moisturizer and SPF. After doing that, you may use a primer if you’d like, but it’s not required because for this makeup look, less is more.

Step 2: Apply a creamy concealer in depth.

For regions like your chin and beneath your eyes, use a creamy concealer. Apply it to any location where you have imperfections that you wish to hide. Then combine everything with a damp beauty blender for a flawless appearance that is better than your own skin—no foundation is required. Feel free to sprinkle some powder on those spots if you desire.

Step 3: Brush your brows.

It’s entirely up to you whether you want to brush your brows out or just fill them in. However, an effective brow gel will hold them in position in either case. For the greatest results, make sure that their form frames your face.

Step 4: Put on some blush.

Blush is the ideal technique to add a burst of color to your cheeks. The clean girl image includes being glowing and rosy. If you want to go for a more simple appearance, blush should be more than enough. You may perhaps add a little highlighter to make your cheeks really stand out.

Step 5: Apply lip gloss.

Add a little bit of gloss to complete the appearance of your lips. You can first add some dark brown lipstick to your lips, and then just apply red tinted lip gloss.

Try out different looks. See the most recent trends. The finest method to accentuate your natural beauty—and even to make your flaws more beautiful—is in this way. Anything more natural is more attractive. This new trend teaches us to accept ourselves as we are and breaks all beauty stereotypes.

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